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Click here to hear me on Andrew Morgan's radio show on 1/6/2011!

Andrew Morgan, the "Goals Coach," lives by the mantra that "your goals are only alive when they show up in your daily activities," and the theme of this episode was whether or not the advice of "Just Do It" is still good advice.  It was a very exciting interview, and I hope telling more of my story helped some of his listeners with their own goals.  One of his listeners tweeted: “Listening to the show now! She is inspiring!”  Well, THAT was inspiring to ME!

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I built Health Jems, LLC in 2010 around the premise of promoting gimmick-free health and wellness in the hope that I can help others find the success and happiness that I have.  To that end, I provide the following:

Jaime's Weight Loss Success Plan
Health Tips
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My Journey:

After 8 years with a lung problem that, coupled with a bit of laziness and depression, greatly contributed to my weight gain, I finally received clearance from a pulmonary specialist to start working out in the summer of 2008. At the time, I was about 200lbs. Well, once I had my doctor’s okay, I decided to hit the ground running--literally. I ordered a program, read books and turned to the internet to learn what I needed to know to lose weight and become fit as healthily, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

Jaime's Weight Loss Success Plan


Health Tips:


Nutrition  Fitness  Wellness

Training / Coaching:

As many of you know, I lost 70lbs in 2008 using the Beachbody® program, Slim in 6.  I can think of no better way to pay my success forward than to not only offer tips and advice on my various internet outlets, but also to introduce people to the company that gave me the tools for my own success and to offer personalized coaching along the way!

Let me coach you!


The Spotlights page contains articles I have written about a specific product or service.

I have a lot of experiences and thoughts to share from my own journey, which I will continually publish through articles on the Health and Wellness page.


Head to the A/V Vault for my blogs, radio spots, latest videos from my YouTube chanel, and other fun media stuff.

The Tweets and FB Notes page has, well, my latest tweets and FB notes (including my blog)!

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DISCLAIMER: Health Jems, LLC is dedicated to sharing the nutrition, fitness, and wellness information that led to my weight loss, but FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! Before applying any of the information shared here or from any program to your own life, you should first consult a physician or other health care professional.  Do not rely on the information contained herein as a substitute or replacement for any professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Health Jems, LLC, its affiliates, www.HealthJems.com, www.Facebook.com/HealthJems, and Twitter.com/JaimeHealthJems will not be responsible or liable for any injury or condition sustained through the use of information provided.


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